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Gym and Fitness Centers

Hygiene and customer safety are always a significant concern with gym or fitness centers. With the sweaty equipment, bacteria in the change rooms, and the air quality in your gym, your cleaning technicians need to be trained for the challenge. Klean-Rites fitness commercial janitorial services, you will see guaranteed results with every visit.

Klean-Rite knows that fitness centers and gyms have unique cleaning needs. Other businesses never have to deal with the kinds of challenges that gym and fitness centers have to.

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That's why we train our cleaning technicians for gym cleaning. Klean-Rites gym and fitness cleaning program includes detailed training on the best ways to clean gyms and fitness centers.

We will keep your restrooms and change rooms pristine

We train our gym cleaning technicians to identify the high-risk areas for bacteria and eliminate bacteria in high touch zones. By taking this approach to restroom cleaning allows us to combat germs in your restrooms and change rooms effectively.

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We Know Gym Floors

Klean-rite includes the proper day-to-day care and cleaning of your gyms floors, which also includes areas with carpeting, rubber, concrete, or stone flooring. We offer regular specialty cleaning services for all types of flooring.

All Klean-Rite cleaning technicians wear full uniforms while on-site, making it easy to identify who is in your facility.

Your cleaning technicians are OSHA compliant. They are knowledgeable in OSHA regulations and will keep your fitness facility OSHA compliant.

Each cleaning is led by one of our team leaders, ensuring the person delivering your services is also the cleaning technician most invested in their success.

Klean-Rite is fully insured, giving you total peace of mind.

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Klean-Rites "Dirt Free" Eagle Janitorial Service Guarantee For
Fitness Centers

When we send our cleaning technicians to your location, not only do they represent our business, they also represent our companies reputation, values, and our future.

As the owner of Klean-Rite, I take personal responsibility for all cleaning services and ensure that every client is satisfied with the cleaning results.

We provide our commercial janitorial services in a superior and timely manner using the most innovative products and technology, resulting in the most cost-effective commercial janitorial services for our clients.

If you are not 100% satisfied with any cleaning service performed in your facility, contact us, we'll pop in and make it right.

Our clients keep coming back because we guarantee consistent quality and transparent communication.

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