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Commercial Janitorial Services

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Hospital Commercial Janitorial Services

Hospitals require dedicated cleaning specialists' expertise, ensuring a thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected facility.

A Sanitary hospital environment will keep your staff and patients safe.

Like other healthcare facilities, hospitals must deal daily with infectious diseases in treating their patients. A proven fact is that 1.7 million people will catch an infection after visiting a healthcare facility.

Hospital Entrance

A CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that of the people infected in a healthcare facility, almost 10,000 cases would result in death.

But, as scary as these statistics are, it is possible to prevent some of these illnesses with professional healthcare cleaning services, which Klean-Rite specifically designed to sanitize a hospital or other medical facilities safely.

What We Include in Our Hospital Cleaning Services

Klean-Rites hospital cleaning services include comprehensive cleaning, basic or deep-cleaning levels.

Our comprehensive cleaning program is about a safe, secure, and healthy environment for your employees and visitors. Our field managers will explore your facility, find any potential issues, and address them immediately.

Comprehensive Cleaning Includes:

  • Windows
  • Carpet
  • Floor Care
  • Daily or Nightly Cleaning
  • Cleaning Discovery Period
  • Cleaning Preferences for Your Employees

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Patient Safety Cleaning Program

Klean-Rite understands that patient safety in hospitals is more critical than ever. Since hospital commercial janitorial services are vitally important for the patients' overall health, we developed an extensive and customized cleaning program that addresses today's hospitals' specific needs.

Smiling doctor working in hospital

Our Hospital Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Program helps with:

  • Infection control and prevention
  • Risk reduction
  • Patient environment improvement
  • Cost management
  • Overall patient safety and satisfaction

Higher Standards in Hospital Cleaning

Klean-Rite aligns our cleaning processes with the Environmental Cleaning policy, which helped us develop a cleaning system in conjunction with AORN and the CDC. Our cleaning policies ensure that we clean your hospital to the highest standards.

To provide you a superior cleaning, our cleaning technicians undergo extensive training to meet each hospital's specific needs. Their training includes infection control procedures, hand hygiene, floor disinfection, and proper ways to clean operating rooms, plus more. We train our cleaning technicians to get the job done right the first time.

Keeping Your Patients' Environment and Your Hospital Healthy

Hospital patients will often have open wounds with a high level of pathogens, leading to infections and other complications affecting their overall health. We train our cleaning technicians to remove pathogens, clean examination rooms correctly, and sanitized for patients.

The commercial janitorial needs of hospital facilities are unique from many other healthcare institutions. Hospitals require dedicated cleaning specialists'\' expertise, ensuring a thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected facility.

Hospital facilities are high traffic areas; ensure the commercial janitorial company that provides your cleaning services use health-based cleaning techniques. Some examples of health-based cleaning techniques are, using vacuums that clean the air while vacuuming the carpet, eliminating cross-contamination using color-coded mops and towels, preventing bacteria from spreading from surface to surface.

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As the owner of Klean-Rite, I take personal responsibility for all cleaning services and ensure that every client is satisfied with the cleaning results.

We provide our commercial janitorial services in a superior and timely manner using the most innovative products and technology, resulting in the most cost-effective commercial janitorial services for our clients.

If you are not 100% satisfied with any cleaning service performed in your facility, contact us, we'll pop in and make it right.

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