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Property Management Janitorial Services

Klean-Rite understands the demands you face as a property manager. The tasks you already have on your list, but there is always something more urgent that pops up. Our commercial janitorial services for property management companies alleviate some of your biggest challenges, keeping your properties up-to-date.

Our cleaning technicians know about property management janitorial services. Our cleaning technicians are trained, certified to utilize the most efficient processes as they work to manage all your cleaning needs.

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To be more efficient in our property management janitorial services, Klean-Rite helps to improve the environment quality by using environmentally friendly industry supplies and equipment.

Klean-Rite will go beyond cleaning because our cleaning technicians won't stop with the tasks on their list. If we notice an area of your property that needs attention, we will take care of it immediately.

Klean-Rite knows how critical, regular inspections are for truly effective cleaning of property management facilities. Our on-site supervisor inspects our daily cleans followed up with monthly reviews to ensure our cleaning technicians are delivering consistent and high-quality property management janitorial services.

Staying In Touch

We Stay In Touch

Staying in touch is an essential part of excellent customer service, and with Klean-Rites, state-of-the-art communications systems enable rapid response to your cleaning needs.

Our cleaning technicians work greener to minimize the impact on the environment and by using cleaning methods, which require fewer chemicals with fewer applications, maximizing the coverage.

Klean-Rite uses a coded color system to clean smarter. Our microfiber cloths and mops are color-coded to minimize the chance of cross-contamination.

Color-coded towels and mops specially marked for restroom use are not used in other areas of your facility. With our HEPA backpack vacuums, which operate quietly and efficiently, we can work quieter to remove airborne particles in your facility, while maintaining your peace.

Each Klean-Rite cleaning technician is required to participate in a four-week standard training program: two-week classroom and on-line training and two weeks of supervised practice in the field. After a new employee completes their training, then they are assigned an account to clean, which is closely supervised by one of our in-field supervisors.

Klean-Rite trains our cleaning technicians to comply with OSHA standards. They understand the OSHA requirements and common standards for cleanliness; this keeps your facility in compliance.

Each Klean-Rite cleaning technician wears a uniform and ID badge while in your building, giving you the security of knowing who is in your facility cleaning.

Are your present cleaning contractors cleaning your properties to your satisfaction?

If the answer is No, it's time to change to Klean-Rite.

Simply put, we do things differently -
so you can stop worrying about the cleaning and let us professionally manage your facility.

Our clients are some of the world's most recognized brands -
and they have high expectations and demand the best, which is why they come to us.

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Klean-Rites "Dirt Free" Eagle Janitorial Service Guarantee For
Property Management Companies

When we send our cleaning technicians to your location, not only do they represent our business, they also represent our companies reputation, values, and our future.

As the owner of Klean-Rite, I take personal responsibility for all cleaning services and ensure that every client is satisfied with the cleaning results.

We provide our commercial janitorial services in a superior and timely manner using the most innovative products and technology, resulting in the most cost-effective commercial janitorial services for our clients.

If you are not 100% satisfied with any cleaning service performed in your facility, contact us, we'll pop in and make it right.

Our clients keep coming back because we guarantee consistent quality and transparent communication.

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