Seven-Days Per Week Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Package Pricing

Thinking about going green?

Green Cleaning.....

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Improves worker morale
  • Reduces sick days
  • Green cleaning is better for the environment
  • It cleans just as well as traditional chemicals

The green movement is here! Is your contract cleaning company doing its part in keeping your medical office environmentally healthy?

Why Wait? Switching to green cleaning is an easy way to put your healthcare facility on the path to saving money and being healthier.


Clean & Green Do Go Together!

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of worker illnesses and cause workers and students to be less productive?

Did you know that poor indoor air quality consistently ranks among the top five environmental risks to public health?

By going green you can create a healthier building and:

  • Cut down on the amount of hazardous chemicals used.
  • Reduce the potential for spills, accidents and potential liability claims that can occur when using more hazardous chemicals.
  • Reduce liability on insurance claims.
  • Potentially have lower maintenance costs.
  • Project a positive environmental image to the community.

Todays green products are not only effective at cleaning,,they are no more expensive than traditional cleaning products and in some cases may be more economical.

With the wide variety of green cleaning chemicals in the marketplace today, there is a green product for every cleaning situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Cleaning

Q. Will it be expensive to switch to green cleaning?
A. No, the products used are no more expensive than traditional cleaners.

Q. Do we have to throw away the current chemicals we have on hand?
A. No, we encourage you to use up the supplies and products you have and transition to a green cleaning program.

Q. Besides using different cleaning chemicals, what is involved in green cleaning?
A. In our green cleaning program we train our employees to remove dirt and soil, and not just spread it around or make it airborne. Our products are not only "green", but are concentrated and use less packaging for reduced environmental impact. We also look at ways to keep soil out of buildings, such as more walk-off mats and deeper cleaning at entryways. Additionally, we may suggest more frequent routine maintenance such as vacuuming so that the need for deep cleaning (i.e., carpet cleaning) frequency, is reduced.

A healthy healthcare facility means better working conditions for employees and, therefore, higher employee productivity and less absenteeism.

At Klean-Rite, we use environmentally safe cleaning products, tools, and equipment when cleaning your medical office. Using environmentally safe cleaning products means better indoor air quality and no harmful residue from cleaning chemicals to make your staff ill from perfumes and odors.

Our customizable seven-day commercial cleaning package would fit your cleaning budget perfectly for our friends in the healthcare service industry, out-patient facilities, and hospitals. Our crew of cleaning technicians will clean your medical clinic, dental office, office, etc., getting your facility ready for the business day.

They will ensure your restrooms are sparkling clean, carpets freshly vacuumed, hard floor areas newly swept and mopped, and all trash emptied.

This cleaning package example is a template of our services and can be fully customizable to fit your current needs. Your facility might be larger or smaller, affecting the monthly price shown on this package.

We move light furniture to clean under and behind them.

This full-service seven-day per week cleaning package includes the following areas:

Restrooms (Each Visit)

  • Sinks, vanities, and backsplashes (Clean/Disinfect) (Polish Bright Work)
  • Mirrors (Clean/Polish Bright Work)
  • Floor (Sweep/Mop)
  • Toilets and Urinals (Clean/Sanitize)
  • Empty Trash Container (Replace Liners as Needed) (Clean Trash Containers/Inside and Out)
  • Spot Clean Walls/Door/Door Frame
  • Restock Paper Towels/Toilet Paper (If Applicable)
  • Vanity Base (Clean Front and Sides)
  • Light Switches (Clean)

Restrooms (Bi-Weekly)

  • Wall Hangings (Dust)

Restrooms (Monthly)

  • High Dusting (Vents, Lights, Cobwebs)
  • Low Dusting (Baseboards)

Breakroom (Each Visit)

  • Lunch Tables(Clean/Disinfect)
  • Sink (Clean, Polish Bright Work) (Clean Faucet Base and Handles, Remove Build-up)
  • Sink Countertop (Clean/Disinfect)
  • Microwave (Clean Interior/Exterior)
  • Wall Cabinets Exterior (Clean/Polish)
  • Base Cabinets Exterior (Spot Clean)
  • Furniture (Chairs Clean includes Chair Rungs)
  • Refrigerator (Clean Front/Visible Sides)
  • Floors (Sweep/Mop)
  • Walls/Door (Spot Clean)
  • Light Switches (Clean)
  • Empty Trash (Replace Liners as Needed) (Clean Trash Containers/Inside and Out)

Breakroom (Bi-Weekly)

  • Wall Hangings (Dust)

Breakroom (Monthly)

  • High Dusting (Vents, Lights, Cobwebs, Wall Cabinet Tops, Top of Refrigerator)
  • Low Dusting (Baseboards)

Offices (Each Visit)

  • Empty Trash Containers (Replace Liners as Needed) (Clean Trash Containers/Inside and Out)
  • Vacuum Carpet (If Applicable)
  • Desks, Accessible Areas (Clean Top, Dust Front, and Sides) (If Applicable)
  • Walls/Door (Spot Clean)

Offices (Bi-Weekly)

  • Wall Hangings (Dust)

Offices (Monthly)

  • High Dusting (Vents, Lights, Cobwebs)
  • Low Dusting (Baseboards)

Conference Rooms (Each Visit)

  • Conference Table (Clean and Sanitize)
  • Conference Chairs (Clean and Sanitize)
  • Empty Trash (Replace Liners as Needed) (Clean Trash Containers/Inside and Out)
  • Walls/Doors (Spot Clean)
  • Light Switches (Clean)
  • Floor (Vacuum)

Conference Rooms (Bi-Weekly)

  • Wall Hangings (Dust)
  • Conference Chairs (Clean Bases)

Conference Rooms (Monthly)

  • High Dusting (Vents, Lights, Ceiling corners remove cobwebs)
  • Low Dusting (Baseboards)

Reception Lobby (Each Visit)

  • Entrance Door Glass and Frame (Clean/Interior/Exterior)
  • Floor (Vacuum)
  • Dust Chairs and Straighten
  • Walls/Doors (Spot Clean)
  • Dust Magazine Shelf/Straighten Magazines (If Applicable)
  • Reception Desk Countertop (Clean)

Reception Lobby (Monthly)

  • High Dusting (Ceiling/Corners/Remove Cobwebs)
  • Low Dusting (Baseboards)

Reception Area (Each Visit)

  • Desk (Clean and Sanitize)
  • Empty Trash (Replace Liners as Needed) (Clean Trash Containers/Inside and Out)
  • Walls (Spot Clean)
  • Floor (Vacuum)

Reception Area (Bi-Weekly)

  • Dust Chairs (Includes Chair Bases)
  • Wall Hangings (Dust)

Reception Area (Monthly)

  • High Dusting (Vents, Lights, Cobwebs, Top of Wall Cabinets)
  • Low Dusting (Baseboards)

Foyer (Each Visit)

  • Door Glass and Frame (Clean/Interior/Exterior)
  • Floor Tile (Sweep and Mop)
  • Window Ledges (Clean)
  • Spot Clean Walls (If Applicable)

Foyer (Monthly)

  • High Dusting (Ceiling/Corners/Remove Cobwebs)
  • Low Dusting (Baseboards)

Say Goodbye to Inconsistent Cleaning Services FOREVER

How much is a clean office worth to you?

Klean-Rite provides:

  1. Q uick response to customer needs - guaranteed
  2. U nsurpassed green cleaning procedures for a safe and environmentally friendly healthcare facility
  3. A ffordable and convenient. We design maintenance program with your needs in mind
  4. L atest technology in equipment and supplies, which saves you money
  5. I nsured properly for your peace of mind
  6. T raining provided to all staff and supervisors - you can rest assured your building is being cleaned by trained professionals
  7. Y our full-service partner for all your cleaning needs (general cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor care, window washing)

You will receive all this for only $1,739.78 per month, plus all services are backed by Klean-Rite's "Dirt Free" eagle janitorial service guarantee.

Price is important, but great value is priceless. Klean-Rite base the bi-weekly package on a 2000 square foot facility with a two-hour cleaning minimum with one cleaning technician. Your medical facility could be more extensive, which might take more labor hours, and cleaning technicians, which will also affect your pricing. We also offer specialty cleaning services such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning for an extra charge.

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