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Sparkling Clean Windows From Klean-Rite

If your business has dirty windows, that's like having a beautiful smile, but yellow teeth.

The outside of your business can turn people off if it's cluttered or dirty. It is all about first impressions, and one of the quickest and easiest ways is through clean windows.

You can create a more productive and pleasant work environment for your employees when you let natural light into your business. Your window glass can get discolored when airborne dirt and dust adhere to it.

Eco-friendly natural cleaners, cleaning products.

Contact from hands can also leave unsightly streaks on your entrance door glass. You can improve your view with expert window washing services from Klean-Rite. By using specialized products and tools- we'll clean the tight spots in your windows. We can create the right window cleaning solution for your business- whether it be a small storefront or a retail complex.

Woman housekeeper cleaning the mirror with green cloth.

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Experts
Will Thoroughly Clean Your:

  • Windows with awnings
  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Storefront windows
  • Specialty double-hung, fixed pane window
  • Improved protection of our environment

Plus More Services!

We can set up a schedule for your window washing that will work for your business.

Klean-Rite can help you with our window cleaning services with either a one-time window cleaning or recurring service.

We can help keep your storefront looking great with our window cleaning services, whether you need a one-time or recurring cleaning service.

Due to insurance regulations, we only clean up to the second story with exterior windows.

Is your current window cleaning company ensuring the quality of their work?

With Klean-Rite, you will have access to staff, dedicated to your service.

We provide ongoing education for our cleaning technicians.

We inspect your business monthly to ensure that it is getting cleaned to your standards.

The cleaning technician that cares for your facility earns a bonus each time they receive a score of three or higher on the inspection review.

Receive a free consultation today and discover why companies choose Klean-Rite for their window cleaning needs.

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Klean-Rites "Dirt Free" Eagle Janitorial Service Guarantee For
Window Washing Services

When we send our cleaning technicians to your location, not only do they represent our business, they also represent our companies reputation, values, and our future.

As the owner of Klean-Rite, I take personal responsibility for all cleaning services and ensure that every client is satisfied with the cleaning results.

We provide our commercial janitorial services in a superior and timely manner using the most innovative products and technology, resulting in the most cost-effective commercial janitorial services for our clients.

If you are not 100% satisfied with any cleaning service performed in your facility, contact us, we'll pop in and make it right.

Our clients keep coming back because we guarantee consistent quality and transparent communication.

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Trusted Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed