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Commercial Janitorial Services

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Klean-Rite offers complete janitorial cleaning services for healthcare facilities, offices, office buildings, and more. Klean-Rite is a privately owned and operated commercial janitorial cleaning service with its office in Independence, Missouri. Visit our contact page to learn about our company, our operating hours, and you can give us a shout while you are there about your current cleaning problems or request an estimate.

So if you are tired of receiving the same old sub-standard cleaning services, then maybe it's time to switch to a commercial cleaning service that cares about you and your employees. We will provide you with professional cleaners, the best guarantees, and we are transparent.

Dare to dream of an office that's a pleasure to walk into every day. Your desks are dust-free, restrooms are sparkling, yes, dare to dream of spotless computer monitors, clean keyboards, telephones cleaned and sanitized.

At Klean-Rite, this is what we do; we create refreshingly clean spaces so that you can make a delighted work environment.

A healthy building means better working conditions for your employees and, therefore, higher employee productivity and less absenteeism.

Partner with a cleaning company who will clean your building exactly how you want it cleaned.

  • Your concerns are heard and acted upon promptly
  • We train our cleaning technicians in both safety and customer service
  • You have access to a staff dedicated to service, ongoing education, and exceeding expectations
  • We inspect your building monthly to ensure your facility is getting cleaned to your standards

It's often more efficient to outsource big cleaning projects. Hiring a commercial cleaning service saves the expense of renting equipment and buying specialty products. It's also safer to leave big jobs in the hands of industry-certified professionals. You are probably planning on hiring a cleaning crew anyway. So why not go with a team that's on top of it from the start? Not just the first couple of months, but every single time.

With Klean-Rite, you never have to go through the hassle of hiring a cleaning service and then filing complaints, never again. You'll get money back in your budget, time back in your day, and be the office hero because you will be the one who hired "the awesome cleaning company."

With our green cleaning, Klean-Rite can provide better indoor air quality and leave no harmful residue with conventional cleaning products. Our green cleaning techniques include using environmentally safe cleaning products, equipment, and tools when cleaning your facility.

Regular inspections are a vital part of our quality control program, which is why we designed the checks around your cleaning requirements, establishing parameters for each cleaning area during our initial service installation.

Klean-Rite strives for acceptable cleaning standards to remain constant throughout the year. To counter the potential of any complacency, we appointed an auditor whose sole responsibility is to randomly check all sites and only report directly to the team leader.

We believe this system ensures that the team leaders will stay focused and maintain good quality control standards through to the cleaning technicians.

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