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Hotels and Resorts

We can develop spotless results for your hotel or resort with our cleaning to perfection program.

Hotel Lobby

With Klean-Rite, it doesn't matter the cleaning your facility requires; we have the tools and experience to deliver to your hotel or resort a higher grade of commercial cleaning services.

We also offer customized janitorial cleaning services for our clients in a range of new sectors and industries. Klean-Rite can supply services for stadiums, hotels, office buildings, and more; you can depend on us.

It doesn't matter if you manage a large, multi-use complex or bed and breakfast; Klean-Rites cleaning technicians will create the perfect environment for your employees and guests with their extraordinary attention to detail.

Klean-Rite has experience across multiple industries. Our technicians will deliver professional results from your hotel rooms to amenities like gyms and saunas to your kitchen. They will safely disinfect any room without using toxic chemicals.

Audience shocked in multiplex movie theater

Movie Theater Cleaning

Movie theaters can get messy in a hurry between popcorn and spilled sodas, and with Klean-Rites commercial cleaning services, it's easy to keep your theater clean and hygienic.

Your theater size doesn't matter or the number of theaters inside; we will create a customized cleaning checklist and schedule to meet your cleaning needs.

You can win the fight against dust, dirt, and spilled concessions with the help of Klean-Rite.

Stadium Cleaning

Klean-Rites stadium's commercial janitorial service covers all aspects of athletic facility cleaning, including lobbies, bleachers, and locker rooms.

Stadium Seats

It doesn't matter if you manage a 50,000 seat stadium, a 500 seat arena, or a small sports facility; we have you covered.

Our cleaning technicians make it easy to fight germs by disinfecting critical areas as they clean, protecting your fans and athletes.

Our "Dirt Free" Eagle Commercial Cleaning Service Guarantee supports all work.

Plus more services!

With Klean-Rite, it doesn't matter your industry or your facility size ; we can create a suitable cleaning program for your needs.

Klean-Rite offers a wide range of specific cleaning programs for enterprises , office cleaning, industrial cleaning, school cleaning.

Contact us if you can't find your industry listed in our cleaning services, give us a call, and receive a customized cleaning checklist, which will be designed specifically for your business.

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