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Special Services

Our Employees Operate Safely and Securely within your facility

Cleaning carpet

Specialized cleaning services include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, hard floor refinishing, power washing, plus any special cleaning or maintenance service

Klean-Rites special services cleaning technicians must complete a training program to hone their skills. We believe when handling your unique cleaning requirements, we don't leave anything to chance.

Our cleaning technicians use state-of-the-art equipment so they can safely and efficiently perform each job.

We use carpet cleaning chemicals designed to keep your carpet looking great without prematurely wearing or re-soiling. Also, we use high-quality floor finishes, so your floors stay looking great day after day.

Klean-Rite wants complete satisfaction from our clients. That is why we perform a full inspection after we complete your special cleaning services to ensure our clients are satisfied with the job performance. We stay accountable for each special cleaning performed in your facility.

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We Keep You Safe and Secure

Our cleaning technicians must complete a four-week comprehensive training program to certify using best practices for our unique cleaning services.

Our cleaning personal also wear a full uniform with ID badges, so you will always know who is cleaning your facility; this is how we operate and keep you safe and secure.

Your drapes, hard floors, furniture, and carpets will receive our most detailed attention, so nothing is damaged in the cleaning process. Your specialty services are as unique to us as they are to you.

Our "Dirt Free" Eagle Janitorial Cleaning Service Guarantee supports all work.

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Klean-Rite believes in establishing and maintaining good communication with their customers, by telephone, meetings, emails or fax.

We attend to any concerns our customers may have with a sense of urgency.

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