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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

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Schools and Universities

Klean-Rite can offer you cleaning solutions that will help keep your school clean and healthy

School Children and Their Teacher in an Art Class

If you are a school principal, administrator, or teacher, you are responsible for the students' education and safety.

Klean-Rite understands your school or university-specific cleaning needs.

We give your school a higher grade of commercial cleaning services when you choose Klean-Rite to clean your school or university.

We train and certify our cleaning technicians in today's top school cleaning strategies.

As an administrator or principal, we know you are concerned about your students and teachers; we will keep your hallways hygienic, classrooms clean and protect your students and teachers.

Our technicians will keep your classrooms healthy by disinfecting your classrooms as we clean; this helps protect students against bacteria and viruses. We sanitize your common areas, door handles, and computer keyboards to prevent germ transfer.

Your school or university restrooms are the number one area for germs. Klean-Rites cleaning technicians place particular focus on restroom cleaning. We deliver wall-to-wall cleaning, and with our targeted cleaning strategies in high-risk areas, we wipe out germs in your restrooms.

Elementary School Kids

Floor Cleaning Experts

Your school or university flooring needs day-to-day care, no matter what kind of flooring your school has.

Klean-Rite has the expertise, equipment, and products to keep your floors clean, day in and day out.

Our quiet cleaning vacuum cleaners include HEPA filters improving the air quality in your school, leaving your air fresher and healthier for your students and teachers.

Our cleaning technicians use green cleaning techniques and strategies which reduce our eco-footprint for our schools and universities.

Klean-Rites technicians abide by OSHA guidelines while cleaning your school or university, which helps keep you compliant with OSHA regulations and standards.

You can quickly identify our technicians because they wear full uniforms with name tags when cleaning your school or university.

Our "Dirt Free" Eagle Janitorial Cleaning Service Guarantee supports all work.

Does your current cleaning company ensure the quality of their service?

One benefit of working with Klean-Rite is access to staff, dedicated to service.

Ongoing education for our cleaning technicians who will work to exceed your expectations.

Klean-Rite will inspect your school monthly to ensure the cleanings done to your standards.

Our cleaning technicians earn a bonus each time they receive a score of 3 or higher on a review.

Offering our cleaning technicians incentives, we get the best service - and so do you!

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