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We Are Experts In Retail Store Cleaning

Details in retail stores are the neatness of your floors or the cleanliness of your restrooms.

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That's why retailers turn to Klean-Rite for retail, commercial cleaning services. Our professional equipment and standards ensure an exceptional clean on each visit by our technicians.

You will see spotless and sparkling results with Klean-Rites retail, janitorial services.

We create a custom cleaning checklist for your retail store for spotless results and put it into action on the first day.

Our technicians use high-performance vacuums and will disinfect your store to maintain a quiet, comfortable, professional atmosphere for your employees and customers.

We pay special attention to your restrooms, leaving them spotless for your retail store employees and customers. Our technicians pay particular attention to your restroom's high-touch areas like door handles and faucet handles while eliminating germs wherever they find them.

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We color Code our Cleaning Materials

Our cleaning technicians avoid cross-contamination by using color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths and mops.

The cleaning cloths and mops we employ in the restrooms never are used anywhere else in your retail store. Micro-fiber cloths and mops trap higher rates of dirt, dust, and germs than your traditional cleaning cloths and mops.

With your retail, janitorial cleaning services by Klean-Rite will include the day-to-day cleaning for any flooring, including vinyl, concrete, carpet, stone, ceramic, rubber, and hardwood. We also offer a deep cleaning floor service to help maintain them for more extended periods.

Klean-Rite and its technicians are committed to maintaining an environmental footprint for your retail store.

We only use certified, environmentally safe green cleaning products and procedures that reduce the need for harsh cleaning products. Our methods ensure a safe and greener clean for your retail store.

We train our technicians to deliver a safe and hygienic workspace for your retail store; this means that they adhere to all OSHA regulations and standards, including chemical handling standards, exposure control plans, and MSDS regulations.

Our "Dirt Free" Eagle Janitorial Cleaning Service Guarantee supports all work.

Has your cleaning company mentioned having HIPAA agreements in place to protect you and your customers?

We handle the cleaning for several industries for whom confidentiality is a MUST

When cleaning financial offices, medical offices, banks, and counseling services.

We assure each account that we follow and stay in compliance with HIPAA guidelines while cleaning.

Our technicians are required to undergo training in maintaining confidentiality as part of their orientation program.

What are your expectations for your commercial cleaning service?

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